Synopsis of Films

“Origin” is about a new world in which all things merge into a whole, without gender, without a race (be it human, animal, plant, matter, soul, etc.), without definition (laws, rules, etc.). Living things can reproduce by themselves (as hydra, sea squirts, sea slugs, starfish, bacteria, etc.). In this world, anything would be possible. We would be free to choose what we would like to be! Although the four parts are placed in a particular order, they are nevertheless parallel: We have selected for each piece a theme as the first “Original Conceptual Body”. Part One represents matter; Part Two humans; Part Three animals, micro-organisms, plants; Part Four the soul. Each original body comprises each element (human, matter, animal, plant, etc.).Through this short film, we would first like to make a bid for environmental protection through the concept of a community of living things in which all elements live and die together. Then we want to establish the hope that everything is possible and thus appeal to people to have the courage to confront existing definitions and gain the freedom to act according to our desires!


If the highest state of love belongs to the soul, the highest form of desire is waiting for the soul of the other half to meet yours. We all have a part of us in someone else, a symbiosis and sympathy with each other in the same heart. Even if we don’t meet each other, we breathe the same air together. When we do meet, even though we wear multiple masks, we wear other people’s skins, and we cover ourselves in thorns, yet we are still transparent, and our shared consciousness will subconsciously lead us to tear off those thorns and see our true selves!

The short film “Desire” shows such a relationship; just as John Lennon fell in love with Yoko Ono, at first sight, watching her perform, so do characters 1 and 2 in the film. The red plastic bag in the movie represents the hearts of these two characters. Such an abstract object does not need to be explained because the characters understand each other. This bag represents our common heart.

However, although we share the same heart, we have been separated by our bodies for too long. This bad contact will then cause haziness. This vagueness also makes us suspicious of each other. There is a saying that when you love the most, you are not brave, but on the contrary, scared and sensitive, because you care. You pay attention to every word, every look, every emotion, even the rhythm of the breath. Then, we pretend to be in a strange state, using the language of all things to express ourselves and test things.

In the film, the eyes of the camera represent the peripheral vision of the other. Behind every extreme, we usually find its opposite. Desire is not a desire through passion, nor possession, or dependence. It is like “the art of love”, like Johannes Brahms for Clara Schumann. The more you love, the calmer you are. Joy and sorrow happen together. We grow together. Besides the characters in the film, the tree is also the leading role because it is genderless. We are like the tree with a hermaphrodite soul, but ours is incomplete until the encounter occurs, as happens with characters 1 and 2.

“Nature’s rights” is a short film about nature punishing human beings for harming it. The world is fair, and nature also has its rights. Human beings can’t beat nature. Please love it and don’t hurt it!

“Forbidden Fruit” is about toxic food additives. Artistically it emphasizes chemical formulas such as melamine or Sudan Red, hoping to attract everyone’s attention.