Eric Thaller

“I heavily focus on the process, and my work is often defined by building images from basic elements to reveal historical figures and icons. We live in a world where information emerges quickly and is fleeting. I aim to encourage the viewer to engage for more than just a moment and enjoy both the intricacy of the imagery and the underlying messages.” – Eric Thaller

Things are not always as they seem. Different perspectives yield different experiences; this dynamic invites you to be present and engage with the art. Curiosity and the drive to learn more were the impetus for selecting the subjects used in my art. Who were these people? What did they contribute? What did they stand for? I want to entice the viewer to come in close, participate in my art, or stand at a distance and take in the big picture both literally and figuratively. I’m a self-taught mixed medium artist, and I currently reside in the city I was born, Los Angeles. I studied studio art at the University of California, San Diego, while earning a BA in Economics, Magna Cum Laude. I made an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and completed The General Course at the London School of Economics. My first solo show, “Rebirth of the Pixel,” was at Castelli Art Space in 2019.

Are you far away? Or up close? Different perspectives will yield different experiences. This dynamic invites you to be present and engage with my art. Curiosity is often the impetus for selecting the subject matter. Who were these people? What did they stand for? How did they inspire? Sometimes explicit but often hidden messages are embedded to reveal inspiration, historical context, and human experience intensity. It may not be enough to study the image. Retrieving the message sometimes requires technological assist. Don’t just view the work from a distance. Come in close, participate in it.

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