Liudas Barkauskas

My illustrations usually come from personal experiences, from dark thoughts and melancholy. One of my biggest influences is Stephen Kings, Lars Kepler, and Koji Suzuki books. They have just the right amount of darkness, brutality, and mystery. I believe that you can only create something when you are sad. Being in this emotion, I created the most influential works. Sadly, (haha) this doesn’t work in advertising! 
I love shadows and creating a light structure in my works. Now I find myself obsessed with every sunlight because it creates new shadows that I can collect. I quite my self: “Every Shadow Must Be Documented”.

Liudas Barkauskas live in Vilnius, Lithuania, and graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2014. Since then, Liudas is doing freelance work in graphics while working in one of Lithuania’s most successful advertising agencies.


Check out our favorites from Liudas’ works: