Since I was a child, I always fond of drawing. This passion led me to further my education in an art high school. After high school, I completed four years of schooling at a fine art academy.
Later I learned to use digital tools. However, at the start, it was quite a pain because I found working digital boring and less inspiring. But after I get used to it, I also discovered the bright side. Working digital gives a lot of expressive freedom, and it saves me time! It is vital because while working with magazines and advertising, timing is everything.
Although I work mainly digital right now, I still sketch the first ideas on papers, especially the first step. This way is more direct to express the composition, just putting on paper the settings of what I have in my mind. As the second step, I import the sketch in photoshop and work it on my monitor tablet using photoshop.
I still work in traditional for my own and private commission or art exhibitions.I use gouache, oils, and poster colors.

Marco Melgrati was born in 1984, in Milan. Marco started to work as a full-time freelance illustrator around 2015. It was a hard start. Reaching clients was the biggest struggle, but further and further, it became easier to have a more constant workflow.

Working online allows Melgrati to move, giving the advantage of visiting different places, such as Lithuania, Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, and Bali.

Here is a partial list of clients :Washington Times, The Economist, Nature Magazine, GQ Magazine, Volkskrant, Politico Strategy+business, Colmar Wear, Variety Magazine, Corriere Della sera, Boston globe, Synchrony Bank, Money Magazine…

Check out our favorite works from Marco: