‘’Connects Art to the Leover’’

Artleove is a space for those willing to create, inspire and share –  On Artleove you can access the Art and designs that you love, and enjoy it in your own homes. We aim to present you with a wide variety of art, handpicked personally by our curators.

Our Story and Artleove Community

Since 2014, with the help, enthusiasm, and interest of each Artleover, we have grown day by day and have become a massive, ever-growing community with half a million followers from all around the world. We started this project with the aim of empowering emerging artists to find their voice in the art world and to support talented artists in helping them reach a broader audience. 

Bringing the world closer through Art

Now, we are bringing the international world closer through art while building bridges between artists, their artworks and our dear ArtLeovers.


We have successfully collaborated with thousands of talented artists, unique brands, and galleries – and continue to do so! We will continue to cherish and grow our global art-lovers community through arts and culture, and enrich our artists’ visibility in the art scene, making their work directly accessible to you.

Authentic artists and exciting artworks

Scrolling through the Artist Profiles you’ll discover authentic artists and exciting artworks from around the world, many of which will now be available to purchase.

Create, discover and learn with us!

Become visible

If you are an artist, we will help you reach a global community of art enthusiasts and increase the visibility and accessibility of your talent!

We firmly believe that supporting emerging artists in our creative hub and growing their visibility is crucial. We will introduce the promising artists to the global art market, support their artistic journey, and help them find success. Also, we proudly state that our partnerships with artists, galleries, and brands do not constitute one-time deals; we regard our relationship with each one of you as an ongoing, growing and evolving friendship.

Connect art to the Leover.

In a world where all of us are only far as a click, we encourage everyone to let art into their lives, we hope this platform will be a productive space for every creative soul! For this reason, we are here to make art approachable!

Also, important to mention that, we are paying attention to our artists’ copyrights at every stage because we respect their effort and their work. We value being ethical above all else.